Hexcrawl Toolbox

Created by Games Omnivorous

Set of 150 physical hex tiles to generate hexcrawls & a guidebook on how to run them. To use with any fantasy roleplaying game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Hex Omnivorous website is LIVE
about 17 hours ago – Wed, Mar 22, 2023 at 05:00:52 AM

Dedicated Website

Quick update to share with you all our new dedicated website: HEXOMNIVOROUS.COM. The website contains descriptions, purchase links, images and resources for our hex product series alone. In the future, it will also host printable resources and online generators for use with the Toolbox and others. But, most importantly, it includes the new THIRD PARTY LICENCE for independent creators. Anyone is free to create content for the Toolbox, Undying Sands or Bottled Sea settings using the compatibility logos provided.

To celebrate, we are launching an ITCH CREATORS' JAM. Submit any content for either the Undying Sands or Bottled Sea: adventures, dungeons, extra factions, encounters, vehicles, weather tables, NPCs, or whatever you can think of.  You may sell your submissions for whatever price you find reasonable, we won't take a cut. Please adhere to the Third Party Licence linked above or you may be disqualified. ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE LINKED UP IN THE NEW WEBSITE - unless you tell us you don't want it.

Let's do eet.

Backerkit Surveys

As of today, 90% of backers responded to the survey. There are VERY LIMITED quantities of Bottled Sea left: about twenty of them - if you're on the fence, now's the time. They won't be reprinted anytime soon. If you haven't responded to the survey yet, you still have time, but please do it. If you don't find your survey link, please let us know. 


We are waiting for Kevin Cannon to wrap the last files. It shouldn't take long. The boxes (just the boxes)  are heading for production soon; the cloth bags are already in; the wooden components will arrive in about two weeks. So it's just a matter of pasting the hexes into the appropriate files once we have them, and this is off to production. Please bear with us. 


BackerKit is launching
27 days ago – Fri, Feb 24, 2023 at 01:52:54 AM

Surveys coming!

Quick update to say that the campaign's BackerKit is ready to launch. We are doing a smoketest with 5% randomly selected backers today, so please keep an eye out for incoming emails. If we don't detect any problems, we will fully open the BackerKit to all backers next week. Again, if anything appears under Exalted Funeral, this is because we are using EF's own backerkit system - it's just easier this way, given that 80% of the fulfilment will be handled by them. 

As mentioned in a previous update, we miscalculated the weighs of the toolboxes (they weigh over 2kgs! instead of 1.5kgs as we originally thought), so shipping costs have been updated accordingly - around $3 more per backer. 

If you any have any issues or questions, you may reach out to us at


Progress update
about 2 months ago – Fri, Feb 03, 2023 at 02:26:45 AM

Time for an update! 

Things have been moving at a good pace and we're happy to report that about 85% of the project is ready for production. the only thing that is not completed at this point is the art for about two-thirds of the hexes. check out some mockups and photos below. 

  •  Box design: following the delivery of the prototype (see previous update), we have received the templates for the box and we have wrapped the files for production. 
  •  Guidebook: writing, editing and layout are finished. the only thing left is the hexes themselves, which we will paste onto the file once we receive them from Kevin. and a final round of proof-reading.
  •  Hexes: Kevin delivered around 65% of the hexes so far. we expect this will take another 4 weeks to be completed.
  •  Pad of Hex Sheets: done; isaac did the layout here and the files are print ready. 
  •  Postcrawls: same as the guidebook. writing, editing and layout are done. just waiting for the last hexes from Kevin so we can wrap the files for production. 
  •  Stocking Hexes Fold-Out: done and ready for print. 
  •  Cloth Bag: done and ordered. they should arrive in the next week or so. 
  •  Wooden components: done and ordered. they should arrive some time in April. 
Postcrawl preview
Guidebook preview
Wood Samples: sticks will be in blue, tokens in yellow/black

BackerKit coming

Some time this month, we will set up the project's BackerKit with the help of the good folks at Exalted Funeral. Once that is done, surveys will be sent your way, so you can type in your shipping details and grab some add-ons. please bear with us while we make the necessary arrangements. 


Funds & prototype!
2 months ago – Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 05:26:05 AM

Happy New Year!

We are back at work. Happy to report that the funds have been processed and received. We shall continue to develop the project as planned. At this point, everything is done, except for some of the hexes art, as well as the guidebook's layout. We expect to be able to wrap it up in the next 4 weeks, after which point we will send the toolboxes for production. Speaking of production, take a look at the prototype.

Prototype is here

We ordered a prototype from our printing partners at Greca (Porto) to verify paper quality, paper weights and such. Take a look! This is truly exciting. Exactly what we envisioned. 

A small heads-up to say that the prototype turned out heavier than originally conceived. We were aiming for around 1.5kgs and it came out closer to 2.1kgs. This means we will probably need to update shipping costs - although we don't expect this to be more than $2~3 per backer (thus not a very significant change). In every case, we want to be as transparent as possible regarding all decisions, and keep everyone informed. Apologies for the miscalculation, but this project is a beast and with so many moving parts... we are doing the best we can. 


We are going to set up the campaign's BackerKit in the upcoming weeks. Once that is set up, you shall receive a survey asking for your shipping details and for any add-ons you'd like to include in your pledge. Please bear with us until we make the necessary arrangments with Exalted Funeral. 


Final SG down!
3 months ago – Tue, Dec 20, 2022 at 02:40:07 AM

Last few hours

THANK YOU EVERYONE! The final Stretch Goal was knocked down. Looks like we're doing the Toolbox Desktop App. This means we ought to welcome David Neves to the team. David is a web-developer based in Portugal who has done work for us on our website ( as well as for the Portuguese RPG convention Rolisboa, amongst others. David will be the lead developer of the App, with the precious help of Isaac Williams, who besides being one of the most talented game designers in the world is also a *drumroll* web-designer. Thanks Isaac and David! 

Black Sword Hack

We'd also like to take the opportunity to steer you all towards the latest KS project by our friends The Merry Mushmen: the Black Sword Hack. You probably know them from the glorious bric-a-brac magazine KNOCK! This time they are funding a game of their own inspired by the works of Michael Moorcock, Fritz Leiber, Karl Edward Wagner, Jack Vance, and others. The Black Sword Hack, with its streamlined ruleset and minimalist procedures, is the type of game that pairs particularly well with the Hexcrawl Toolbox. Check it out HERE

We will keep you posted on what comes next. The funds will take some time to arrive in our account, after which we will wrap up the project and send it to production. We will keep you informed across the entire process. For now, we wish you a great holiday season and a happy new year.